Quirky American Diner Comfort Cuisine
"Moppin' up soda pop rickies, To our heart delight, Dancing to a swingeroo quickie, JukeBox Saturday Night..."

So sang Glenn Miller's Orchestra in the early 1940s, about an American institution - the neighborhood soda fountain.

​ From the turn of the century and through to the 1960s, the local soda fountain was the cornerstone of every town’s Main Street. Often housed in the drug store, the neighborhood soda fountain counter served as a social gathering place for people of all ages. Movie stars were discovered while sitting around them. Kids - and adults - spun round and round on the brightly colored stools. Teenagers spent countless hours sipping a malted milkshakes and feeding the jukebox while the older folks sipped coffee and shared stories.

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Quirky American Diner Comfort Cuisine

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